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Already from an early age, Dörte Mierau, born in Berlin, is interested in stained windows. Originally educated as a philosopher at Humboldt university, she moves to Groningen, Holland. As an admirer of Chihuly, Schaffrath and Lüpertz, to mention a few names, she gets fascinated by the interaction of glass and light in architecture. She starts designing glass herself, and, both curious and creative, she discovers other possibilities that glass offers as a raw material. She developes a range of techniques to turn glass into art.


Dörte Mierau works regularly at Derix Glasstudios, Germany, next to the studios of great Schreiter and also Lüpertz.


It’s not only the glass that she produces herself that plays a key role in her life, she is also an admirer of the aforementioned Chihuly. This great American glass artist has had an exhibition in the Groninger Museum. Being in the crew to prepare this exhibition is one of her most exciting experiences so far. As well as to work together with Quagliata and Cavalieri at Bild-Werk Frauenau.

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